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Boat on a Lake

Sweet Wave Music is a tight-knit group of music enthusiasts driven by boundless creativity and unwavering passion. Trust is the foundation of our relationships, and it fuels our collective journey toward innovation in music and for our artists. We champion artists, uplift their voices, and help them leave their mark on the world. Through tailor-made services and heartfelt connections, we're dedicated to nurturing artists' dreams and making their impact felt. Together, we're not just connecting the dots; we're weaving a tapestry of musical experiences that resonate deeply with hearts and minds all across the globe.







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  • Spotify
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  • Consulting (Creative, Strategy & Music Biz)

  • Marketing and Release strategies

  • Promotion

  • Brand development and implementation

  • Digital marketing & Social Media (content, strategy development and management)

  • Distribution

  • Release Management 

  • Radio & Playlisting

  • Song & Sync Pitching

  • Songwriting

  • Production

  • Graphic Design & Website Development

  • Mixing & Mastering


The Team


Business Development Manager


Neil is a dynamic leader known for his strategic prowess and expert project management skills and a vital part of Sweet Wave's business operations. With a knack for steering strategic projects, he excel's in optimizing team performance and ensuring deadlines are met.  He has sharp critical thinking abilities that enable them to dissect complex problems and craft effective solutions, driving forward progress even in challenging situations. With a focus on process improvement, Neil continuously enhances service delivery for Sweet Wave and operational efficiency leaving a lasting impact on every project they undertake.


Label Manager and A&R


Glenn is a multi-platinum musician and record producer, Glenn's expertise adds to Sweet Wave's artist-first mentality and expands their creative vision.  Glenn's successes include a Number 1 for 11 weeks on the Canadian Billboard Chart and on Russia’s Billboard Chart.  Glenn has charted number ones in 7 countries.  Glenn plays a pivotal part in shaping our artists' vision and marketing strategy.



We love to hear new music!

Send us some!  :)

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